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We have just started collecting testimonials from customers that have been using Saffron 2020. If you have been using Saffron 2020 and would like to share your experience with us please send your feedback to us by filling in the Contact Form. Please access the Contact Form by clicking here.

Below is a summary of testimonials added regularly as we receive them:


I was diagnosed in Aug 2015 with the beginning of Macular Degeneration. At the end of four months of taking Saffron 2020, I went to see my eye doctor. There had been 3 bleeds near the macular and now there is only one very small one. The Amslr grid test started out with all horizontal lines going uphill and not connecting at the corners. Now the centre of the grid is normal with only about five small round areas dotted around the outside edge of the grid having a slightly blurry effect. My eye doctor kept repeating words like \'remarkable\', \'incredible\', \'amazing\'. She said she has a scientific mind, but can only attribute these positive changes to the Saffron 2020, because as she stated, \'This condition does NOT change and yet it has! Keep taking it [Saffron 2020]!'

Penny Parks, Suffolk, United Kingdom


I am 84 years old and have had glaucoma for nine years and have had cataract surgery in both eyes. I was diagnosed with CRVO (central retinal vein occlusion)  in January (2015) and referred to a specialist who recommended monthly injections into the affected eye. That sounded too gruesome to me, so I went online to get more information. That's where I found info about Saffron 2020. I ordered some in March and have been using it for seven months. I had a comprehensive eye checkup last week and was amazed to find that my vision has improved, my visual field test was perfect, and my glaucoma pressure was the lowest it's ever been. I plan to continue using Saffron 2020. Thank you for an effective & affordable treatment.


P. L (Lexington, KY, USA), October 2015


My father is diagnosed with wet AMD in his right eye. Thanks to Saffron 2020, his condition is much much better now. The doctor even says that it is a miracle that my father's eye can recover this good.


R. P. (Indonesia)


I was diagnosed with AMD in October 2013 and it was devastating. I had been receiving monthly injections until I started your product. I had purchased a 6 month supply online and about 5 months ago I noticed that my eye sight was improving. Well today was my last appointment. For the first time in the 40 years I have been wearing corrective lenses now have 20/20 in both eyes with my glasses, not only that my AMD is no longer, the two Doctors I seen were very impress and surprised by my improvement; they took notes on what I was taking and I no longer need injections or need to see them, just my regular eye doctor in 4 months. They showed me the before and after pictures of my eye and it is healed. If you ever need a spokesman I am your man.


J. R. (Ottawa, ON, Canada)


I have been taking Saffron 2020 for 6 months for macular degeneration.  My condition has remained stable.

J. L. K. (United States)


It is my wife J. who takes the Saffron 2020 and she says -- I have been taking Saffron 2020 since it was introduced. I take it because I was diagnosed at an early stage with dry macular degeneration and it appeared to be just what was needed. I am unable to say that my vision has improved, but my latest tests show that it has not deteriorated further.

J. H. (United Kingdom)


In March of 2013 I stared taking Saffron 2020 daily for early stage macular degeneration that I had been diagnosed with in 2001. It had been progressing slowly over the years much to my dismay. After hearing that many were experiencing good results with Saffron, I decided to try your product. After about the 3rd week  I noticed that colors were much brighter and my vision became a bit more clear. For me, if the disease will just stop at this point I will be most grateful. Independent living and being able to drive wherever I want to go are still a part of my daily life. Thank you for a wonderful product.

E. H. (USA)


I have only been taking Saffron 2020 for about 3 weeks but have already noticed an improvement in my vision.  I have even put on an old pair of prescription glasses to find I can read with them  quite well.  The reason for taking is because I have been told I have a cataract and my vision is gradually deteriorating.


J. G. (Australia). 


I suffer from wet AMD in my right eye and I had read that some research was going on treating AMD with Saffron Pills  so I first purchased Saffron 2020 in June 2011.

I thought that it was worth trying Saffron 2020 for two reasons firstly to improve or at least stabilize my affected eye.   Secondly I thought it might help to avoid AMD in the other eye.

My AMD was diagnosed in October 2008 and in June 2011 I had my fifteenth Lucentis injection,  ie one every six to eight weeks.     The next one in December 2011 and  another in July 2012 and none since then.   Now I am not suggesting that this apparent stabilizing is only due to the Saffron 2020  but at least there is a possibility that the saffron as made a significant contribution to this improvement.   I shall certainly be continuing to take it for the foreseeable future.   I am indeed truly grateful to you for bringing out a Saffron product  which I had been unable to find elsewhere in the UK.   Yours sincerely.

J. D. (United Kingdom)

Thanks for a great product.  (My friend) has had diagnosed macular degeneration very badly even as a younger man (!) and Saffron 2020 has helped his eyesight to improve immensely.  He's been taking it for about 4 months now.


Customer in California (USA)

“Thought I would let you know I had an eye test a couple of weeks ago.   I had reverted back to wearing glasses from a 2006 script since taking saffron2020.  The optician agreed that my prescription had regressed….  I have been wearing glasses since I was 7 due to being short-sighted.  I have had check-ups approximately every 2 years since then (over 48 years) and I have never ever had a regression in my glasses prescription – so can only thank Saffron 2020 I am sure.”

J. G. (Brisbane, Australia)


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