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[23/06/2013] Eye health and food supplements

The general consensus of opinion is that with a good balanced diet that includes sufficient fresh fruits and vegetables there should be no need to use supplements.


However, research has shown that many people may not get enough vitamins and minerals from their diet. Some people might consider taking a supplement for their general and eye health when:

- their diet does not include enough fresh fruit and vegetables

- diet does not include enough vitamins and minerals

- vitamins and minerals from food are not adequately absorbed by the body

- it is hard to obtain or prepare fresh fruit and vegetables

- they have been told to take a supplement by their doctor or nutritionist.


Key points to remember:


- eat a good, balanced diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables

- discuss changing your diet or taking vitamin supplements with your GP

- discuss your diet or taking a vitamin supplement with your GP if you believe that your diet may be inadequate

the biggest avoidable risk is smoking

- protect your eyes from sunlight. Use good quality sunglasses. Wearing a brimmed hat also offers very good protection

- get your eyes tested at least every two years and more frequently if necessary.

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